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More relationships. More time. More sales.

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Optimize your schedule and routine


Manage your sales funnel

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Follow the opportunities

Facilitate your daily life

Automate tasks and streams, saving your team time.
Automating emails
Get great results with your customers by creating email automation.
Register your activities in a few clicks.
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Email campaign

Email campaigns

Targeting leads
Create leads segmentation for sending emails.
Importing Contacts
Import your email files and submit your campaigns.
Select templates already made by MASTERCRM and leave your emails more attractive.

Attract customers

Approach customers with the tools present in MasterCRM

Manage your team

Keep good relationship with your team and leverage your sales

PIPELINE Management

A comprehensive sales plan begins with understanding your pipeline. Use MasterCRM to improve sales forecasting and manage the entire sales process, from first contact to customer’s final journey. Track your opportunities to maximize accuracy and ensure that no negotiation falls into the gap. Learn More

Be present at any time and device

MasterCRM is designed to be accessed on any device.

Your platform is enabled for Android, IOS, smartwatch systems.

Keep your client closer to your business.

With CUSTOMERXP, the customer has access to the key insights and dashboards made available by you.

The Integracoes


Make your day-to-day easier. Improve performance in MasterCRM by integrating applications and solutions.

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Our team consists of professionals above the market average in terms of technical training and emotional intelligence. They are people who with talent, vision and passion for technology, modify the reality of the market in Brazil and abroad.
With the Wealth Systems solution we have brought greater fluidity from negotiation to the invoicing of the order, besides providing the monitoring of sales through our representatives, sellers and commercial managers. The tool has evolved a lot in recent years, bringing many resources to the business contributing even more with the sales routine. Luiz Gustavo Branco

IT Manager, Angelus

Our partnership of over a decade proves the excellence of services provided by Wealth Systems, services that helped Frimesa to sextuplicate its revenues, all through innovative, disruptive and modern technologies, focusing on usability and Ease. Thiago Algeri

IT Manager, Frimesa

Wealth Systems has been a great partner of Morena Rosa for over 8 years, with service, services and professionalism that have always corresponded to our expectations. Daniel Cadan

IT Manager, Morena Rosa